Don't Vote

from by Atlas Chugged

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This is a song that came from a joke about us making a "Rage Against The Machine" style song. We decided that we wanted to sample some Always Sunny In Philadelphia quotes, and we decided on a few.

The result of those decisions became the chorus vamp "We're gettin' blasted in the ass"

And then, in keeping with RATM's tradition of making an empassioned political statement, we thought about something that could still carry that passion while sounding stupid as fuck.

"Don't Vote" was born.


Between the left, the right wings, all I wanna do is clip ‘em
We’re living under a fucked up system
The laymen and workers don’t know so they can’t fix ‘em
Nothing is working the way that it should

Live free or die?
I’d rather die in the places
that skew voting in races for political nations

It don’t matter either way, inauguration day,
they’re full of hollow promises to bring about change

Nobody cares about your age, your race, your past.

We’re gettin’ blasted in the ass (x4)

Yeah. Whatchu know about that, sucka?
The Movement’s in motion!

Don’t vote, you’ll only give them all the power
and when time comes, you can’t move the man from his tower

They’re crackin’ down on those who don’t deserve it
The system seems to work for those who can afford it.

We’re paying bills that we never got the notice for,
Our eviction, Uncle Sam, the landlord

Raise the rent, and put stops to city hoppers poppin’ off the landlock they say "doesn’t exist"

They’re preaching change about the ways we can’t and won’t repeat the past
And then they blast us in the ass

We’re gettin’ blasted in the ass (x3)

"We are sick, we are tired
of these politicians and their promises of a better life
They win our favor, and blast us in the ass
they win our votes, and blast us in the ass
Today, we say no to these injustices, we say goodbye to these cruelties,
We stand up to the government and say 'NO' to voting"

Get up, get out, get to it, don’t vote (x4)

We're gettin' blasted in the ass (x4)

Fuck that, I’ll never kneel
I don’t care, I won’t vote
Until I know what’s real


from Atlas Chugged, released September 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Atlas Chugged Seattle, Washington

Atlas Chugged is a Pacific Northwest Metal band.

Give our tracks a listen and laugh as the crushing pressure of these riffs SPLITS THE EARTH IN TWAIN.

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