Blood Flood

from by Atlas Chugged

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Concept behind this track:

Eating at Denny's is often a horrible experience for the band, this song is a chronicling of two members combined Denny's experience.

Yes, there was shit.


I will follow you into the depths of hell
And see to it that you are Satan's bitch

A flood of blood and entrails will fill my longing needs

You should have been more careful
You should have stayed away.
From Denny’s
The Devil's restaurant

I was once a purposeful man
And now just a shallow husk lacking reason or restraint

A sensation of coldness washed over me
As my vision began to blacken
I could feel the sweet relief of death smother my senses
And thus I was forced into none but a singular choice

I chose to order the Bacon Slamburger

Followed by shit
Followed by blood
A flood of blood
A toilet explosion
A bathroom session to shake the heavens

My lower half rips
from fiery shits.

And now you’re here
you shall suffer as I have suffered.

Prepare the Slamburger.


from Atlas Chugged, released September 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Atlas Chugged Seattle, Washington

Atlas Chugged is a Pacific Northwest Metal band.

Give our tracks a listen and laugh as the crushing pressure of these riffs SPLITS THE EARTH IN TWAIN.

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